It’s All About Good Food @ Funky Monkey

***The restaurant has since closed down.

Check out Funky Monkey, the latest joint in Penang with the tagline, it’s all about good food, great value & a great place to gathered around. This outlet serving modern European cuisines is found in 127 Food Court along Burma Road. Do expect some interesting dishes with local flavors at this outlet concocted by the Chef Jeffrey, who learned the skill while working in various prominent hotels in Singapore.


On that night, Funky Monkey happens to be serving the Broccoli Soup. This creamy and mild flavor soup was served piping hot in a soup bowl, each bowl @RM4.


Chicken Schnitzel… this dish is actually chicken breast meat deep fried until crispy and golden brown. The cutlet was properly done and is still moist inside. Despite being a piece of breast meat, Chef Jeffrey managed to pull off this delicacy magnificently.

Chicken Schnitzel @RM7.80

Next on the list was Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom wrap with Bacon. The chicken wrapped in bacon is very tasty with its crispy bacon and served with spinach, french beans and fries. Beneath the chicken is a scoop of spinach mashed. A very innovative fusion, with the choice of bacon against the chicken, I personally give it two thumbs up. I’ll let the picture speaks for itself.

img_0404.jpgStuffed Chicken with Mushroom wrap with Bacon @RM12.80

My son opted for another chicken dish, which is the Boxer Chicken with Beetroot mashed and Rosemary Balsamic juice. Grilled to perfection, the chicken meat was very tender and goes with the flavorful gravy.

This dish comes with french beans, carrot and the colorful beetroot mashed. Many of you may not be familiar with the beetroot mashed; a beetroot comes in a round or oblong shape and is purplish in color by nature, and hence provides the purple color of the mashed.

Boxer Chicken with Beetroot mashed and Rosemary Balsamic juice @RM12.80

The other dish is the Salmon Wrap Bacon served atop the potato mashed with an interesting great side dish. The generous portion of the side dish makes up of cauliflower, broccoli, carrot and the special apple cinnamon that I found to blend well with the rest. The fish is mild and is accompanied with slices of mango on the top.

Salmon Wrap Bacon @RM18

Chef Jeffrey is constantly innovating the latest fusions, and his menu does change from time to time. His style may be very well different from other “conventional” western food places. I am sure some of you might want a change from your regular side dishes of Mixed Peas and Crinkle Fries with your small Bun, right?

Do drop by the stall to try out the food and if you do have any other request, Chef Jeffrey is always willing to oblige if he has the sufficient ingredients. Click here for the Map Location.


Funky Monkey
127 Food Court
10050 Burma Road

Business Hours : 5pm – 1am

Website :

Facebook Group :

GPS Coordinates : N05 2528.5   E100 1912.4