Food Trail in Muar, Johor

On one of my recent Kuala Lumpur trips, a few of us paid a visit to the district of Muar in Johor which is also known as “Mar Poh” in Cantonese. We went to explored the town and had a light breakfast before we paid a visit to Octhavia, a factory which produced the town gourmet specialty, the otak-otak (pounded and seasoned shrimp/fish paste).


Nothing can beat this fresh otak-otak right off the stove!

This local delicay is wrapped in nipah leaves (palm leaves) and best eaten grilled. All of us really enjoyed unwrapping the slightly burnt pack and snacking of them! The otak-otak itself is very much different; as it is firmer and does not have the strong aroma of herbs as compared to the Penang steamed otak-otak. It is very tasty, slightly spicy and very addictive.


We were then given an introduction of the products from this factory, especially their core product – Otak-otak and other range. Many of you may have already came across this product as it is stocked in their pre-packaged packs, and it is available in all Jusco supermarkets nationwide!



A really enjoyable snack enriched with Omega 3 as well!


Otak-otak Pau? Amazing!


Fried Otak-Otak Nugget & Otak-Otak Spring Roll

IMG_1717 IMG_1727

Trying out fried and steamed Otak-otak Pau for the first time!

IMG_1700 IMG_1699

Snapshots of the factory surroundings and machinery

From the factory in the bustling town, we took a detoured and took a long drive for lunch at a restaurant in a quiet fishing village. It is a great relaxing place away from the city where we get to enjoy breath taking view of the sea, very much similar to my outing at Restaurant Tepi Sungai near to Taiping.


View of the fishing boats


All of us got settle down and fill our stomach at Straits View Restaurant

We had the famous Assam Pedas Fish, Fried Oyster, Clams, Fried Flat Fish, Fried Taugeh and the Assam Pedas Fish Head. The assam pedas fish and the fish head comes in the same rich red gravy without any vegetables. It’s spicy hot, slightly sour and sweet and very popular among the Muarians! Indeed a twist from the usual ones we get in Penang.


IMG_1772 IMG_1760

IMG_1767 IMG_1765


Refreshing coconut drinks in the hot afternoon, to top the lunch!

A trip down to Muar, or any where infact, will not be complete without some sight seeing and learning more about the new town. We took some time out for sight seeing, and went around snapping snapping with our cameras.



Most houses has extended long TV antenna, maybe to get Singapore TV?

IMG_1677 IMG_1676

Heritage building in the middle of the town

Before we head back up to KL, we managed to have a final stop at Kedai Kopi Sai Kee 434 located in Jalan Maharani for a cup of their famous coffee. There were cold and hot coffee drinks together with a few sets of Hainan roti.

img_1675.jpg IMG_1842

Thank you to Octhavia for taking us in and also to Sidney for arranging this trip for us. It was a wonderful food trip with Christopher, Ken, Sunny, Sidney, Jocel, Lingzie, hubby and myself.