Penang Teochew Food – Tai Buan Porridge

Penang has a number of stall selling porridge and one particular stall that is worth mentioning is the Tai Buan Porridge. It is housed in a shoplot on Muntri Street serving good rice porridge and side dishes. This Teochew style porridge is very popular and most of the customers are back for return visits.

Braised duck, liver and gizzard


Comfort food – Porridge served in clay bowl

The steamy rice porridge comes with a few different types of yummy side dishes. The owner has been sticking to just the few variety of dishes since I begin patronized his place many years ago. This braised pot has taukua, pork innards and pork belly.

A pot of braised ingredients

Irresistible fried egg with dried turnip (Chai Po)

The preserved slated vegetable (Ham Choy) is a notable dish here. The sweet and sour taste makes one consume more porridge. It has the right balance of taste and I can’t seem to find a better one than this anywhere else in town.

Preserved salted vegetable – must order

Braised duck meat

Braised pork belly

Simple braised tofu dish

This dish of pig’s ear is braised in flavorful soy sauce and spices. The skin is soft and the white cartilage (soft bone) is still crunchy. It’s nice to chew on and best eaten with the sweet chili sauce.

The meat taste good with the chili sauce

I have the liking to the taste and softness of the duck liver and also the chewy gizzard.

We reorder bowls of porridge. Do ask for a bowl of porridge broth….known as ‘armp’ in hokkien. This fragrant bowl of starchy porridge broth is indeed stomach soothing.

All the dishes here come in one size and you have to reorder for additional serving. The satisfying simple meal with salty, sweet and soy sauce flavor was good and cost RM26. This is the perfect place for a quick rice porridge with side dishes around town.

If you wish to take away the porridge, do bring along your food canister as the owner does not provide plastic bags…indeed environment friendly. Click here for the Map Location. Muntri Street is located directly opposite Cititel Hotel in Upper Penang Road.

Tai Buan Porridge
173 Muntri Street

Business Hour : 1.30pm – 8pm

Closed on Sunday