Penang Chu Char @ Hing Kee near Goddess of Mercy Temple

Hing Kee Restaurant is a traditional Chinese coffee shop located on the left hand side of China Street in Penang. For those who are not familiar with this part of George Town, China Street is directly opposite the Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kuan Yin Teng).

This restaurant serves mainly chu char home-cooked style dishes and it is also open on Sundays.

For the first dish we chose to have the Kui Kau Curry Tumis. The fresh pieces of fish are cooked in the appetizing tamarind gravy with lots of lady fingers and tomatoes. The  taste is less sourish and not as oily compared to those that we had at Sin Kheng Aun Restaurant.



I recommend you to try this very unusual dish of Kangkung Ham Har. So far this is my first encounter with this dish. I would not have known about it if not introduced by the owner. The kangkung is blanched and served with fried minced Ham Har which really brings out the flavor for this dish. It has some dried prawns and fried garlic, very flavorful and slightly salty.


Just love this tasty and simple vegetable dish

We got ourselves the old time favorite home-cooked dish of Mui Choy Pork Belly. The preserved Mui Choy  (dried salted veggie) has a light taste and goes well with the pieces of pork belly. It’s a favorite dish of mine and I think it is for many of you too!


Typical dish of Mui Choy Chu Yoke commonly serve in most household

There are variations of Tau Fu dishes and we had the Tau Fu with Fish, which is a combination of smooth tau fu and fish slices cooked in bean paste (tau cheong) gravy. The gravy tasted good with the sweetness from the fish. Great dish to go with rice.


The shop serves certain boiled beverages. We got ourselves some chrysanthemum tea and nutmeg. The drinks together with the dishes cost around RM37.

If you wish to try out the above dishes, do drop in to this shop which is located three houses away from the junction of China Street/King Street. Click here for the Map Location. It is low in profile with only a single stall selling Chee Cheong Chok.

Kedai Makanan Hing Kee
60 China Street
10200 Penang

Closed on Monday

Business Hour : Lunch till dinner hour