Ah Chui Seafood @ Paya Terubong Penang

Ah Chui Seafood is a ‘chu char’ place tucked away in a row of shophouses facing the very busy Jalan Paya Terubong in Penang. This outlet specializes in seafood and is popular among the neighborhood!

Choose from a wide array of seafood dishes and noodles. A must-have is the restaurant’s signature dish – prawn fritters. We love how they serve up the crispy deep-fried small prawns with chili sauce.

Prawn Fritters at Terubong Seafood

Then it was on to the grilled stingray. This fish was cooked on banana leaves with plenty of homemade chilly paste. The appetizing flavor of the dish went beautifully with the dipping sauce made of tamarind juice, chilies, and onions.

Grilled Stingray at Terubong Seafood

The sauce of the grilled fish was spicy sweet

Next was the pipping hot fishball soup, very fragrant with added Chinese wine! The soup features squarish homemade fishballs with soft bouncy texture. I particularly like the dish and would recommend everyone to try it.

Fishball Soup at Terubong Seafood

The steamed assam fish  did not disappoint. The pieces of fillet were done just right and came with sweet and sour sauce. The meal was complemented by a dish of lady finger. Prepared with sambal belacan, and onions, it came with great aroma and nice belacan flavor.

This dinner cost RM85 inclusive of drinks.

Steamed Assam fish at Terubong Seafood

Terubong Seafood

Sambal belacan lady fingers, awesome!


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