An evening with Dell DRC Shutterbugs

The last few evenings have been very exciting for me. I got to spend one of the evenings in Dell and this being my first visit, I have to say I’ve a great time and totally enjoyed it!

It was a warm, welcoming to the Dell DRC Shutterbugs weekday meeting where I’ve been invited to speak about the aspect of food blogging and photography. It was great seeing such a club formed where its members shared their absolute love for the beautiful world of photography and knowledge with each other.

An evening with Dell DRC Shutterbugs by

It was great getting to pose with all the shutterbugs!

I had the pleasure of meeting the members and enjoyed a fun time mingling with them. We had an interesting discussion and it was great hearing their insights about blogging, food and photography. It was quite an experience with some truly eye-opening stuff too. I was delighted to see so many questions being asked and we were able to exchange some good points about the subject.

An evening with Dell DRC Shutterbugs by

An evening with Dell DRC Shutterbugs by

The club was founded by a group of photographers, which started off with a few members and has since grown with a huge following to around eighty people. I was shown the club photography website and was amazed by the large collection of photos in their file all contributed by the members. All of their work blended together so well.

An evening with Dell DRC Shutterbugs by

Dell DRC Shutterbugs, Christopher Choong

It was a pleasure to be invited to the Dell Shutterbug talk. A big thanks to Dell DRC Shutterbugs, especially Christopher Choong and George Lee for having me. It was a fun gathering and I left for home making plenty of friends and with lasting memories.

*Photos courtesy of Christopher Choong

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