CK Lam Interviewed and Featured on

Recently I had the honor to be interviewed by The article ‘The Accidental Food Blogger’ appeared in the section – Talking Food, whereby they recorded views of people who contribute to the promotion of Malaysian food.

The entire on-line interview, which revolved mainly about myself and my food website from the foundation where it all started, was published on the 15th October 2010.



CK Lam of  Interviewed and Featured on RasaRasa Website

On the other note, my Penang food blog celebrated its third anniversary. I would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to all my readers for the continued patronage in supporting this website of mine!

I really enjoy being part of the food blogging community where I have been connecting and sharing my joy of food and photography. Do feel free to drop a comment anytime to share your opinion regarding my blog and its contents.

Thank you for supporting!



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