Fruit Stick – Batang Rojak in Butterworth, Penang


Operating since 1974 and managed now by the third generation, the fruit stall sited under a big tree in front of Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Seberang Perai Utara offers fresh cut fruits and vegetables on sticks. These refreshing fruit sticks are more commonly known as ‘batang rojak’ or ‘chiam-chiam’.

Just pick and choose from the 15 to 16 varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The selection includes young mangoes, jambu air,  pineapples, guavas, star fruits, umbras, cuttle fish, hard boiled quail eggs and deep-fried fish balls. Vegetable lovers will appreciate the fresh choices of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and turnips. Pineapple and guava are the crowd pleasers and one particular favorite bite is the cuttle fish.

Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by


Patches of fruits and vegetables are constantly replenished to ensure freshness as peeled and cut fruits tend to change colour. Armed with knives and peelers, the owner and her workers work hand-in-hand in peeling, cutting and threading the ingredients on the skewer.

Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by


Pots of rojak sauce are provided to enhance the taste of the fruits and vegetables. The rojak sauce with smooth thick texture is made up of sugar, lime juice, chili, roasted crushed peanuts, belacan and gooey Penang hae ko (shrimp paste). There are two types of sauces – spicy and non-spicy. For hygiene purposes, customers are not allow to double dip the skewer in the sauce.

 Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by


The fruit sticks are perfect with cold beverages. The stall offers freshly squeezed fruit juices to orange cordial, black cincau (grass jelly), mineral water and packet drinks. Orange cordial and cincau are two of the most popular drinks.

Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by


Customers are able to ‘ta pau’ (buy back) the fruit sticks and the owner will have the rojak sauce wrapped separately.

Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by

Fruit sticks are indeed popular in Butterworth as several such stalls are lined up side by side along the road. Look for the stall on the furthest right, under a big tree. Click here for the google Map Location.

Batang Rojak Cucuk – Fruit On Sticks by


Batang Rojak
Jalan Pantai
12000 Butterworth
Seberang Jaya

Tel: 016 4977815 (Ms Tan)

Business Hour: 12.30pm till 10pm

Closed on Monday & Thursday


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