Gartien – Little parcels of pineapple cake from Penang


If you are looking for good pineapple cakes, you cannot pass up visiting Gartien. Located on Lorong Macalister in Penang, Gartien is possibly one of the most well-known pineapple cake makers.

Gartien version of pineapple cake is rolled up in a rectangular pillow of buttery crumbly dough encasing a ball of tangy pineapple filling. Each piece is individually packed in Japanese washi paper to preserve its freshness.



Gartien takes great pride in their fresh baked pineapple cakes which are made under strict quality control using fresh pineapples chosen directly from their plantation in the village of Nibong Tebal.

Everything is made from scratch in the back of the shop, starting with the skinning, coring and cutting of the pineapples. The next stage is simmering and caramelizing the pineapples for 12 hours till golden brown. The cooked pineapple is then set aside and once cool, will be rolled into small balls.




Preparation of the pineapple cake dough is done in a control air-conditioned kitchen as the dough varies under different temperature.

The light and crumbly dough is made with flour, sugar and pure butter. The dough is rolled and cut into pieces whereby they are filled with pineapple filling, sealed, and shaped into rectangular  mould.



The pineapple cakes are bake in the oven till golden brown. The piping hot cakes are then left to cool completely before packed with washi paper.



The golden brown cake with a fibrous filling of tangy zing pineapple is utterly delicious. With a shelf life of six weeks and prepared without any preservatives added, it is best to consume the pineapple cakes fast. A box with ten pieces is priced at RM38.

The pineapple cakes are currently available overseas. For more info, do hop over to their facebook page.



Gartien 小田佳园凤梨酥
68 Lorong Macalister (Macalister Lane)
10400 Georgetown

Tel: 04 2290068

Business Hours:
10.00am-5.00pm (weekdays)
9.00am-6.00pm (weekends)

* Many thanks to Gartien for laying on this invitation.