Yun Xiang Steampot Fish 云香蒸汽石锅鱼 at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

Gurney Paragon Mall recently held its 2023 year-end celebration lunch, bringing together members of the media, content creators, loyalty members and new tenants at the newly opened 云香蒸汽石锅鱼 Yun Xiang Steampot Fish.


The launch of the new steamboat spot located on level 5 opens up a new dining experience where the premium quality food is all cooked steamed at 180 degrees in a unique granite pot crafted from the deep mountains of Yunnan. The non-halal menu features various ingredients – appetizers, meat, seafood, rice, noodles, and six different types of soup.


The seafood options are the Japanese Oyster, Canada Scallop, Octopus, Mussels, and Abalone. There is also a wide variety of live seafood such as lobster, king crab, and tiger prawn. For those with priority towards live fishes, check out the Marble Goby, Hybrid Grouper, Grouper, Patin, and Red Snapper.

Besides seafood, the outlet also has a selection of meat – Australian Beef, Japanese Wagyu, and Australian Mutton. You can also add root vegetables, such as lotus root and daikon. Additionally, mushroom, sweet corn and tofu are great choices too.


As for broth, it is based on the Signature Clear Soup, Hot & Sour Vege Soup, Tomato Soup, Spicy Mala Soup, Vine Pepper Soup, and the Tonic Herbal Soup. Each of the soup is priced at RM38.

We sat around the boiling granite pot and sampled the Signature Clear Soup with an order of a red snapper (RM10 per 100 grams). The soup with added red dates, ginger, spring onions, garlic, and wolfberries offers a light milky broth that brings out the taste of the ingredients and the fresh sweetness of the fish.

Like many restaurants, the ingredients of the steamboat are eaten dipped in a variety of sauces, from soy sauce to oyster sauce, mala sauce, sesame sauce, and mushroom sauce. The mishmash of sweet, salty, sour, and creaminess of the sauces definitely whet the appetite.

For drinks, there are plenty to delight, from Honey Chrysanthemum Tea to Luo Han Guo with Peach Gum, Snow Pear Juice, and Licorice Sour Plum Juice to Carlsberg Beer.


There is always room for dessert. Conclude with choices of Fried Golden Bun, Taro Sweet Potato Ball, Brown Sugar Lava Rice Cake, or Crispy Purple Potato Roll.


All of these together with convenient indoor parking spaces make Yun Xiang Steampot Fish 云香蒸汽石锅鱼 a great destination for gatherings. The daily business hours are from 11 am to 12 am and it is best to make reservations in advance for a table.

Yun Xiang Steampot Fish 云香蒸汽石锅鱼
163D-5 Gurney Paragon Mall
01 Persiaran Gurney
George Town

Mobile: 017-581 5959