Korean Food – Sam Oh Jeong Korean Restaurant at Gurney Drive

For dinner, Hubby and myself decided to have something different. We went for a Korean dinner at Sam Oh Jeong Restaurant at Cantonment Road. This cosy place is located on the right side if you are travelling on Cantonment Road heading towards Gurney Drive. Beside it, is Matsuki Japanese Restaurant.

Like most menu in a Korean restaurant, one cannot figure out what is written in there. So we decided to ask the manager to recommend some dishes to us.

We have the Beef Bulgogi ……….

The side dishes of pickles, fermented vegetables and fresh salad comes along with the Beef Bulgogi. We had a total of ten side dishes.

We laid the beef slices together with the pickles on the salad leaves and roll it up (just like the poh-piah). Very tasty indeed.

The next dish was the claypot rice. The rice has lots of ingredients, a bit sticky and very tasty. This is what is left of the dish when hubby snap this photo. As for the dessert, there were two slices of watermelon – complementary of the house.

This dinner was definitely something different… not only the food but we also had the whole restaurant to ourselves (a family left while we were ordering our food) …. just imagine the quietness with the flow of korean music at the background (scene from a korean drama????).

I recommed you drop by this restaurant if you are looking for Korean cuisine.

TEL : 2294461

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