Penang Food – Ipoh Style Fishball near Chowrasta Market

Woke up on a raining Sunday morning and drove all the way to the Chowrasta market with my hubby to have breakfast. Parking space is very limited and we only managed to find one after circulating the area twice. The coffee shop is located on Kimberly Street…. a few shops away from the Shong Hor Hin Medical Tea Stall – selling kor teh (bitter).
This stall is run by two ladies and they sell the IPOH type of yong tofu with noodles.

This bowl of noodles with five pieces of ingredients of your choice is only RM3.50. The chili sauce is similar to those found in Ipoh and K.L. (unlike those served in Pg, which is “teem cheong”). During the weekends, they prepare additional side dishes such as stew pork trotter, vinegar pork trotter (tu kar chor) and stew soya sauce chicken leg.

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