Atawoo Thai Restaurant, Penang

We had a hot and spicy dinner last night. Went to Atawoo Restaurant in Trengganu Road for Thai food. This was our second visit. The first dish that we ordered was our favourite tomyam soup which came with big prawns, fish slices, sotong, mushrooms and tomatoes. The taste was just right for us.

The waitress recommended the brinjal dish. Mince meat with lots of chopped garlic, ginger and chili padi were laid on top of the slightly fried brinjal. It was a very appetising dish.

The last dish was a mince meat dish. The meat was fried with black soya sauce and chili padi and lots of basil leaves (daun selasih). The leaves gave refreshing fragrance to the dish.

The three dishes were equally good. This is a nice place for those who love spicy food and the prices are reasonable. By the way, rice was charged at RM1 per person (eat all you can).