Snacks – Nuts and Sweet Corn

During the early days, it is common to see stalls selling snacks of boiled groundnuts, sweet corn (jagung) and chickpeas. The stalls were usually found plying outside cinemas, at the bus stand and near the market place. Practically all of them are run by the Chinese. It was and still is a popular snack among all walk of life because it is reasonably cheap. I am sure most of us have eaten a lot of these snacks. Sad to see that there are only a handful of them left in Penang nowadays.

My hubby used to buy more for keeping in the refrigerator because they do taste nice even when its taken cold. One of the stalls selling this snacks can be found at night at the junction of Penang Road and Chowrasta Road (directly opposite the police station).

The Indians have their “kacang putih” stalls that sells assorted roasted nuts and peas …will blog about them soon.