Penang Free School

PFS or Penang Free School is the oldest school in this region and was founded in 1816. Both of my sons are Old Free.

Lately, the Education Ministry of Malaysia had awarded cluster school status to several schools in the country and PFS happens to be one of them. The cluster school concept is aimed at spurring outstanding schools to achieve world-class standards. Schools have more independence in choosing its teachers (can hire the top teachers) and students (select good students). It is also capable of raising additional funds and also giving additional pay increase for their teachers. They are allow to explore different methods and assessment and use different curriculum.
The selected cluster school principals have to undergo two months training programme at King’s College, University of London. On the other hand, teachers will be trained as examiners and the know-how in the process of marking examination papers to be on par with the international standard.
Below are some photographs of the Grand Old Lady taken during our Malaysia 50th Merdeka Day.

The School Band room.

More updates on Penang Free School can be view at and the school official

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