Ramadan Hawker Food in Penang

Ramadan is a festival celebrated by Muslims around the world. It is held every year and last for one month. For this year, it started on the 13th of September. During this period the adults will “fast” – they are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke from sunrise until sunset.
During the Ramadan Festival, a lot of makeshift food stalls are set up in most places for the breaking fast. Business starts from 3pm onwards until almost 7pm. It is always crowded with the Malays buying the food for their buka puasa meal. Nowadays it is common to see other races joining into this festivity too.
We went to the Ramadan Bazaar in Bayan Baru (near to Sunshine Square). All the stalls are located inside the compound of the mosque. You will find all kinds of buka puasa fare and also other local delicacies in these stalls and some of them are very delicious.



We would like to wish “Selamat Berpuasa” to all our Muslim friends & readers of our blog (and enjoy all the nice goodies like we did).

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