Pepsi Collectibles – Bottles and Cans

Pepsi has produced many types of variations over the years. Here are the pepsi design in my son’s mini collection. He was more hooked up with his favourite collection of Coca Cola – Bottles and Cans.

Aluminum twist top bottles of Diet Pepsi Twist of Star Wars featuring Yoda, Queen Amidala and C-3PO & R2D2. These 300 ml bottles are from Japan.

Pepsi Max Can featuring Aragorn and Diet Pepsi Can featuring Eowyn of Lord Of The Rings are from Australia – 375 ml.

Pepsi launches some limited edition products on football in Malaysia such as Pepsi Gold (the FIFA World Cup) and Pepsi (Gladiator style).

Pepsi put “a little twist on a great thing” when they introduce lemon-flavored Diet Pepsi Twist. This 500 ml aluminium twist cap bottle is from Japan.

The two glass bottles on the left is from Thailand and right is from Australia.

Pepsi bottle featuring 50th Malaysia National Day logo – 600 ml.

Pop superstar Britney Spears appears in the Pepsi Can too.

The blue coloured berry cola Pepsi Blue.

Pepsi Ice and Pepsi Fire comes in bottles and cans too. This awesome advertisement was air in Malaysia featuring Vanness Wu Jianhao and Tata Young (with some special effects) and can be view at

Pepsi Max, the drink with ‘maximum cola taste, no sugar’ – it comes in a small 150 ml size.

Pepsi Tarik – a coffee flavoured cola.

A gold colour Pepsi Can for the Chinese New Year – 2005 year of the rooster.







These are the rest of the collection.









Heard that Japan has recently launch the Pepsi Ice Cucumber. It is a mixture of cucumber and cola. Wonder how does it taste like??

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