Dragon i – Queensbay Mall Penang

This is our fourth visit to this chinese restaurant since its maiden opening in Queensbay Mall. The place was crowded as usual and waiting time for us was around half an hour (slightly faster than our previous visits). Once sitted, we were served with a small bowl of stewed groundnuts with ‘nam yue’ and hot chinese tea.

After browsing through the menu, we choose to try out their ‘light’ food. We had the Cold Pig Shank with Jelly Fish. It comes with a special sourish and spicy sauce which enhances the meat. Thumbs up for this dish.

Steam Meat Buns – the texture of the bun is firm and comes with a generous amount of filling.

Fried Carrot Cake (you can find more carrot in the cake then flour). It is fried with egg, prawns and beansprout. It is quick fried and not soak in oil. This a good tasty snack food.

Fried Shanghainese La Mien in dark soya sauce with mushroom slices, meat and cabbage – very tasty.

Most of the servings are decorated with water chestnut leaves and small size tomatoes. Besides that, the staff were very attentive and we did not have to wait long for the food.

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