Ribs Barbeque Restaurant Penang

***The restaurant has since closed down.
This was our first visit to Ribs Barbeque Restaurant in Burma Road although it has been around for sometime. We have talks of visiting this place many times but somehow we ended up dining in other places.
We went in and browse through the menu. There is a wide range of choices and they even have a set dinner menu too. I chose the Burrito – lightly grilled tortilla wrapped around a filling of hickory pork, shredded lettuce and salsa sauce. The sauce is tomato based and a bit spicy. The meat is very tasty.

In this restaurant, the recommended item is of course the Barbeque Ribs. Hubby had this meaty barbeque pork ribs marinated in their in-house special BBQ sauce. It comes with side dishes of garlic mashed potato and coleslaw. The meat of this finger licking ribs is so tender and juicy.

For dessert, we chose their homemade special – Banana Froster. Banana cooked in a sweet sauce with raisins and served with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. This yummy delicious dessert goes well with the cups of black coffee that we had.

Decoration in this restaurant is simple – nothing fancy but you can count on the excellent taste of the food and its decent portion size. Parking is very convenient as it is just a few doors away from Giant Supermarket.