Shanghai 10 – Queensbay Mall, Penang

Seen the movie Shanghai Noon, then how about having lunch at Shanghai 10…. which is Shanghai Tien in mandarin. This outlet located on the cinema floor of Queensbay Mall, Penang serves delicious dim sum and noodles.

We went for the noodles. The noodles is like the wan ton mee type although its name as la-mien. The clear soup is tasty yet not oily. The dumplings (sui kow) are quite big in size.

Then came the dim sum. The fried carrot cake was surprisingly not oily and yet very tasty.

This is the siew loong pau and the char siew pau.

Our favourite lor mai kei.

Desserts that we had were the black sesame gultinuous rice ball (a must try). We also had the yee mai fu chok and the black sesame tong sui but won’t recommend as we found them to be very diluted.

Food items served here is quite similar to those that we had in Dragon i – Queensbay Mall Penang but both outlet has its own individual taste. Decorations here are quite simple and not as posh as Dragon-i. Jusco card members can enjoy 20% discount of the whole bill until the end of February… remember to flash your J-Card!!! Bon-appetite!

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