Four Leaves Bakery, Penang

Four Leaves Bakery is located right inside Gama Supermarket Penang. All the items are baked in the little kitchen on the premises. Our whole family have been buying bread from this bakery since a long long time. They have a wide selection of delicious breakfast/teatime favourites and we have tried most of them. My youngest son’s favourite is off course their EPI.

Wondering what is EPI???

It is basically baguettes shaped like leaves…. with ham and garnish with a bit of pepper.
Quoting my son on the taste of the EPI: chewy yummy snack…been eating it for 10 years steady and its still fantastic…just take your time to chew it as can be a bit tough.

Fresh butter rolls and mini butter tops.

This bakery outlet has stayed on for so many years. I am sure those that have patronise this bakery will agree with me that their items are really nice although their prices are slightly above average.

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