Penang Hawker Food – Trang Road

Sunday afternoon – teatime was at a relatively small food court in Trang Road, Penang (behind Gama Supermarket). We often pass through this place which has been around for a long time but somehow or rather we give it a miss until yesterday. The area is quite small and all the hawker food stalls were neatly lined up beside each other.

Many customers were seen eating bubur kacang, sold by an Indian man. It is basically boiled green bean soup (tong sui) but this is thicker, creamier and served with a spoonful of pulut (glutinous rice) which cost only RM1.

Slices of chinese sausages, fresh prawns and cockles were the ingredients of this plate of yummy Char Koay Teow.

These fritters were different from those sold in the Lo Bak stall. They have varieties of chopped vegetables and a bit of prawns….best eaten with the chili sauce which has a tinge of lime and grounded peanuts. Finally a glass of fresh sugar cane juice to round up the meal.

An enjoyable tea-time snack.

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