Japanese Exhibition – IWA, Penang

Recently the International Women’s Association (IWA) celebrated an “all things Japanese” event. I took the opportunity to attend it which was held in the ballroom of Cititel, Penang.

The first site that attracted me was the display of beautiful kimonos. Guests were allowed to put on those kimono (with some professional assistance) and pose to have their photos taken.

Other demonstrations include flower arrangement (Ikebana), paper folding (Origami) and the traditional tea ceremony …..

There is also a doll exhibition of many types of dolls, from the beautiful and elegance ones to the heroic and magnificent warriors with very detailed accessories.
Display of a warrior doll with his weapons of sword, bow and arrows.
Samurai warrior helmet displayed on top of a lacquered box.

Finely detailed samurai armor suit.
Another site with display of sake bottles in different shades of black ….
We were treated to sushi (made during the demonstration) and this lovely green tea cake which was sponsored by Sea English Language Center for this event.
Overall, it is a well organised exhibition which features interesting Japanese customs, crafts and cultures.

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