Ang Chew Mee Sua – Red Wine Vermicelli

***The restaurant has since closed down.

In Penang, mee sua are sold in different variations such as ‘mee sua koh’, fried mee sua’ and ‘ark tui mee sua’. Recently we came across a stall selling a new found delicacy, ‘ang chew mee sua’ ????.

‘Ang Chew mee sua’ is actually rice vermicelli cooked in red fermented rice wine. It is considered a confinement food and also a dish for birthdays in the Foochow community.

The stall is found in the coffee shop located at the corner of Burma Road/Kedah Road junction. Another landmark that you can refer to is that this shop is right beside the famed Fatty Boy Chicken Rice.

The lady owner was kind to shared with us her expertise in preparing the red wine; from the fermentation of glutinous rice, red rice (in the plastic bottle) to the starter cake or commonly known as chou bang ??. The outcome of the residue is in the yellow container. To see how it is done in detail, click to Aunty Nee’s blog.

These are the pots of red wine chicken soup. The red colour appearance of the soup turned me off at the first glance but after tasting it, I truly find it very unique and enjoyed in immensely!

Every bowl of mee sua comes with a chicken drumstick. The texture of the mee sua is very fine and smooth. The full flavoured chicken soup is slightly sweet with a hint of liquor. We were recommended to have another bowl of mee sua with a hard boil egg – the lady told us that we should mix the egg yolk into the soup. It was very tasty and I couldn’t resist drinking up all the soup!

We really enjoyed the smooth mee sua. Forgot to mention, it cost only RM4.00 for a bowl of mee sua with chicken drumstick and only RM3.00 for the hard boil egg mee sua. If you are the adventurous type, do drop by this stall which is open from lunch till dinner.

***Updates (19/2/2009) : The coffee shop has already closed down and all the stalls have shifted out.

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