Penangites Want The Trams Back!

Trams used to be a common sight in Penang in the earlier years. However they were later dismantled as cars and buses took over as a faster mode of transport. I personally find trams very intriguing and unique, as they bring a new dimension to the transportation system.

Recently there was a campaign to bring back the trams. More write-ups of it can be view at :

While we were holidaying in Melbourne, the tram was our means of transport. We find it very convenient. There were less traffic congestion and air pollution. We took the photo of this beautiful maroon antique tram and the colourful modern ones in the town centre.

As a Penang based blogger, we should try informing everyone and pass the word around about this campaign. Hopefully we get to see the tram service running again, coupled with a well planned bus network system in the near future. Georgetown would definitely be livelier with the presence of the trams.
Do share your views on this matter with me.