Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant, Penang

La Mian is Chinese noodles that goes through the hand-making process of repeating stretching and pulling. This type of noodle has since gained popularity in Penang in recent years after the opening of places like Dragon-i and Shanghai Ding. Another newly opened outlet is the Tang Dynasty Imperial Noodle Restaurant. We stop by this restaurant for lunch to try out their various types of noodles.

We went for the basic item – the la mian and dumplings. The Chinese chef prepares the dumplings in the open kitchen which faces the entrance of the restaurant.

Two plates of hot dumpling with minced pork, one steam and one pan fried….eaten with a sauce which makes up of vinegar, ginger and chili oil.

This is the pan fried dumplings with crispy bottom.

Besides the dumplings, we had the stir fried la mian with pork and another plate with beef. Both the noodles is actually quite nice and chewy. Their way of stir frying makes it very tasty and it doesn’t have the taste of our local fried noodles.

We paid over RM32 (plus drinks) for this full and satisfying lunch. We will be dropping by this place again to try their other cold dishes and hot plates.

This restaurant is located at 70-A, Jalan Zainal Abidin.