The Sire Museum Restaurant, Penang (Revisited)

Last Sunday we had a dinner outing with our good friend, Dr and Mrs Alex Lim. The destination? The Sire Museum Restaurant, of course, that serve good food in a charming environment in Penang. We had such an enjoyable time at this restaurant on our first visit on Friday. Furthermore, Dr Alex is a photographer as well, and this museum restaurant is a great place for photo shots. Since I had little time to blog about The Sire on my first visit, I will do it with more detail this time!

Inside the restaurant, we were greeted with the triple arch doorway. The glass work on the doors were really impressive!

Our previous visit was marred by the lack of natural light for our photographs, so we made it a point to go there early to capture better photos. We were seated in the front part of the restaurant. Love the glasses and white colour feature throughout the restaurant.

After giving much thought to the wide range of menu choices, we finally made our pick. Our dinner began with the serving of tomato bread which is similar to those served in Ferringhi Garden. My personal recommendation? Have it for your every visit! Tomatoes were cooked up into a tasteful puree and I could not resist spreading the puree a little more each time on to my tomato bread.

Then came the good old salad. Unlike Friday’s salad which was Caesar Salad, Chef Liang tweaked his menu a little today and opted for fresh garden salad with fresh fruits and cherry tomato. Sweet!

Food servings were quick and efficient and the staffs made sure all customers were comfortable and well attended to. It didn’t take long for the main course to come.

This was the Caramelized Red Snapper, which does not carry a strong caramel taste as its name suggest. It is pan fried with a mix of herbs, different from the Pan-Sealed Snapper which I had on Friday. The reduced use of oil brought out the full flavours of the red snapper. Spinach and mashed potatoes completed the dish.

The other main course we had was the Macaroni Prawn. Sounds unfamiliar doesn’t it? Well, once you give it a try, you will be in for a surprise! The sauce for the macaroni is not similar like those usual cream cheese sauces, it is actually black pepper sauce! Not too creamy, it makes a superb compliment with the macaroni. Grilled prawns top off this dish nicely 🙂 Definitely a dish to savour on our next visit.

Besides that, we ordered the Stewed Lamb Shank (you can find this in my previous post) and the Seafood Spaghetti. My son found the spaghetti specially delicious, the sauces were carefully balanced to bring out the best of spaghetti. Best taken warm, my son gave the pasta two thumbs up!

Desserts and coffee was similar as before, so I won’t bother writing about them here. Furthermore, we were looking forward to a full tour the museum. Now that we know our way around better, we discovered and rectified particular spots of photographic pleasure, and here are some of the photos for your enjoyment.

Penangites are definitely proud that Dato’ Seri Stephen Yeap Leong Huat has displayed his family belongings and sharing them with the public.

Antique items have a very soft spot in my heart, it always tends to bring up a nostalgic feeling. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. We had a chance to catch up with Chef Liang and Chef Toh after the tour and had a chat which filled us up with more stories about the restaurant.

Like always, had a blast of a time too catching up with Dr and Mrs Alex Lim.

* More photos of the museum can be view here. *

The Sire Museum Restaurant
4 King Street
10200 Penang

Tel : 04 2645088

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GPS Coordinate : N 05 25.206 E 100 20.474

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