Frog Porridge – Penang

There are many varieties and flavours of porridge in town but lately we were recommended to try out the frog porridge at a shop located in Datuk Keramat Road, Penang which was set up three months ago. Their main menu is frog porridge with three different portions – small, medium or large all served in claypots. They also have other dishes besides porridge.



We had a medium pot of frog porridge (tin gai zuk) RM20. The porridge is very fine and smooth and comes with generous amount of frog pieces. It is topped with chopped spring onions, dash of sesame oil and strips of fresh ginger.


Apart from the porridge, they also serve eel and frog with kiong choong (spring onion and ginger) or spicy kung poh (dried chilies). These dishes makes a good complement with plain porridge or plain noodles, and similarly comes in three different portions too. We went for the medium pot of spicy kung poh eel (RM20).The eel which is stir fried with the ginger, onions and dried chilies really give a kick to the taste buds.


I ordered an extra bowl of plain noodle which cost RM1.20 to go with the eel. I find it a bit expensive for the plain noodle.


Another side dish of boiled lettuce with oyster sauce and bah hu (floss meat) RM4.


This meal is slightly expensive because frog and eel is considered exotic meat but we did enjoyed this tasty meal recommended to us by K.Leong.


This is their first outlet in Penang island with existing outlets in Kampung Baru, B.M. and Raja Uda in the mainland. You should hop over here for some steaming hot porridge which is specially fantastic taken on a rainy day.

Updates ! The addresses for their two other outlets…

3215, Jalan Kampung Baru
Taman Tampoi Indah
Bukit Mertajam
H/P 012-4786368

6172, Ground Floor
Jalan Ong Yi How
Raja Uda
H/P 012-4919099