Japanese Cuisine – Tonki Bento, Penang

Irasshaimase! greeted us when we stepped into Tonki Bento. In Penang particularly Pulau Tikus area, there is a higher number of Japanese restaurants mainly due to the presence of Japanese expatriates staying around this buzzing area. Tonki Bento is one of the many outlets tucked in the quiet Lintang Burma.

Entrance of the restaurant is lighted up with red lanterns which you can’t miss. The interior decoration is simple yet nice; with soothing Japanese music playing in the background. The place is patronized mainly by Japanese and some of them were chattering away, giving this place a very authentic Japanese feel. We took some photos and browse through some Manga while waiting for our food.

This is my hubby’s Unagi Kabayaki – grilled eel. Grilled lightly brown on the outside with a sweetish sauce and yet soft on the inside. He likes the unagi for its rich flavour.

My Saba Shioyaki – Grilled saba with salt. The fillet was grilled until slightly char but not burnt yet maintaining the nice fishy smell. The skin was crisp and not too salty.

For an additional add-on of RM2.50, we get a set which include a bowl of rice, salad, miso soup, fruits and ice cream. This was a simple and tasty meal. They are introducing a new menu from this month onwards with more choices of sushi, sahimi and bento sets. Patrons could opt for delivery services too!

Tonki Bento is located in No. 2, Lintang Burmah, Pulau Tikus and it closes on Tuesday.

*** Update:  Tonki Bento has since closed