Soya Pudding @ Prangin Mall, Penang

Chilled Tau Fu Fah with toppings? If you like this type of pudding, then make your way up to Number Two Refreshment Corner located on the 2nd floor, (Center Mall) of Prangin Mall, Penang. You will see a small refreshment outlet that sells this chilled soya pudding with a bar counter that sits about five people.

The chilled soya pudding comes in eight different flavours – original, almond, sweet corn, black sesame, coffee, carrot, cocoa and pandan. The texture is very smooth. There are a few choices of sugar syrup; brown, jasmine tea sugar and cane sugar syrup.

As for the toppings, there are multiple flavours of pearl balls, nata de coco and fruits. You can combine almost anything you want. Really need to spend some time choosing the flavours for the puddings and the toppings.

Finally we took two bowls of the original and one black sesame pudding. This is one original flavour soya pudding with toppings of jack fruit (nangka), nata de coco and pearl balls.

Another original flavour soya pudding with toppings of mix fruit, nata de coco and mix pearl balls. Very colourful and tasty.

Black sesame flavour soya pudding with toppings of rambutans and pearl balls.

It is very cooling, tasty and is one of the smoothest tau fu fah I have tasted so far. Overall an enjoyable dessert after a day of shopping. However for those who prefer the traditional hot tau fu fah, do drop by my earlier post which reviewed this dessert with ginger brown syrup.

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