Starview Restaurant, Penang

The outlet has since shifted to Datuk Keramat Road

The months of August always calls for a special celebration among our friends and families. Our three families have been having dinner gatherings to catch up with each other and generally just having a really great time together.

Our dinner with both of the Chong and Ding families was held in Starview Restaurant in Burmah Road. You may find my previous lunch outing post about this place, while yesterday’s gathering is a whole new perspective. Before I go on any further about the food, I would really like to thank KS and her family for making this dinner happen and also happy to meet up with GT and her family.

Many Penangites would somehow or rather been to this restaurant, which has stood the test of time. Since its conception, it has seen many other restaurants rise and fall, but Starview remains Penang’s favorite after all these years.

We were given the privilege to dine in their VIP rooms, thanks to Lisa who organized everything to perfection for KS. After much catching up and interaction, the first delicacy of the night was served. It was the Four Season’s Dish and I have to admit that every quarter held its own pristine flavor.


The four quarters combining into a perfect dish.

The selection of red wine on that night was just too sweet for words and it compliments  the cuisine very well. Unfortunately, I would not call myself a wine drinker and hence I ended up having only a glass for the whole night.


That’s me hogging the wine glasses 😀


Each of us was served with an individual bowl of shark fin soup.


A fantastic fish dish prepared in two ways –  fish cutlets are sauteed with a medley of carrots, scallops, celery, waterchestnut and snowpeas. The remainder of the fish is deep fried till crisp.



Next came the tofu pieces stuffed with fillings, which is fried till golden brown. This dish is garnished with chopped pieces of red and green chili peppers. Indeed a very appetizing dish with the finely chopped chili strongly enhancing the aroma of the tofu.


Lastly, the fried noodles (mee-tiau) with prawns, chicken and mushroom slices. This noodle is not as refined as the ordinary ones, however it was equally superb. The QQ-ness of the noodle was such a tickle to the taste buds!


For dessert we had soy bean milk with black sesame glutinous rice ball  (tang yuen). The accompanying tang yuen was smooth and goes pretty well with the milk. A perfect dessert to end this sumptuous meal!


This is a snap shot of the mums as the dads were busy chatting away with each other. We have been good friends for such a long time, and I sincerely hope our friendships will be everlasting.


Our dinner feast ends with this spectacular photo depicting our three kids…oops, it should be our three ‘young’ men!


It is definitely a beautiful evening when one is with the wonderful company of good friends and family.