Big Apple Donuts and Black Canyon Coffee, Penang

The long awaited Big Apple Donuts and Black Canyon Coffee have finally set foot in Aeon Seberang Perai, Penang. People in others states had been enjoying themselves in these two outlets for quite some time whereas Penangites were only able to do so lately.

We visited these two outlets during one of our jalan-jalan cari makan weekend.  After hours of window shopping and wandering around the new complex, we found ourselves hunting for the ‘much hype about’ donut and coffee outlet. There was a long queue with around fifty people patiently waiting in line at Big Apple. We joined in the queue and after an hour and twenty minutes of waiting, we managed to get our hands on the donuts. Most of the varieties were relatively common except for the spikey durian. We bought a big box with twelve assorted donuts.

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With the precious donuts in hand, we cross over to Black Canyon Coffee to have some beverages. Fortunately for us, the waiting time for a table at this outlet is only fifteen minutes. Browsing through the menu, it shows that this restaurant also offers varieties of food. As we just needed a drink, we only went for the coffee. I had the Mexican Coffee which comes in a beautifully designed boot glass.


Hubby and son had their cold Coffee Frost and Iced Coffee. The icy coffee was just refreshing. Hubby was a bit disappointed to say that there was an absence of the fresh coffee aroma in the surroundings as commonly found in Starbuck and Coffeebean. He wants to try out their black coffee the next time around.


We stole a quick bite of the spikey durian donut as food from other outlets are not allow! The freshly made donut is quite fluffy and the creamy durian filling is very fresh.


At the moment, these two outlets can only be found in the mainland. Hopefully we get to see more of these outlets in Penang island soon. All in all, it was a lovely family day out. Till date, our most enjoyable food in this new complex is the bbq lunch at Che Go.

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