Triple Consecutive Touching Moments

The month of September is indeed special. My youngest son celebrated his 21st birthday on Monday, my food blog; What2see was featured in the Guang Ming Daily newspaper on Sunday and our successful bloggers gathering at Edelweiss was held on Saturday! What touching moments back to back.

My youngest son, TMZ has reached his 21st birthday. He is now a young adult. My husband with our eldest son, TMY and myself would like to wish him ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and the very best in his future undertakings. Looking back at the past, all this years has been rewarding to see both of my sons grown up to be fine young men.

Chinese New Year 2008

My two young boys back then in 1991

We will be celebrating his birthday tonight and he has chosen to have it at Tao Japanese Restaurant at E-gate. This would be our fourth visit this time around.


The second joyous moment was seeing my blog being featured in the Sunday Guang Ming newspaper on 28/9/2008. Thanks to Cariso for sending me a message early in the morning informing me that my blog was featured else I would have missed it. It came as a surprise as I was told that the publishing of the article would be delay due to time constraint.

For those who missed out on the paper version, the on-line article is found …


The ironic thing is, I can’t understand a word of the article except for the HUGE number 46 which I know is my age! Why, why must they mentioned it in such a large font! 😛  However, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to the reporter CC Lim, photographer Mike Chan, Guang Ming Daily and all the readers & bloggers who has been supportive of What2See. For without all of you, this blog would not have come this far.

P1100316 anna
The newspaper article



The third moment was being able to meet everyone of the bloggers including all the new faces in the 2nd Penang Bloggers Gathering held at Edelweiss Café. These are some snippets of the night which was fun filled with activities.

P1100295 P1100296 P1010764
Everyone had a great time getting to know each other and exchanging their experiences. I’m very glad to have entered the world of blogging and getting to know these wonderful people.

P1100255P1100256P1100253 P1100257P1100281P1100252

There were plenty of food, drinks and gifts for everyone. For the dinner, we had the set menu prepared specially by the owner, Theresa. This is my plate of Roast Leg of Lamb served with mashed potatoes and salad. It was moderately tantalizing but slightly tough. Besides the dessert of Apple Flan, we also get to enjoy chocolate brownies from Ah Shui.

P1100293 P1100301

Thank you everyone for making this gathering a success! Hope to see you all of you real soon!