Welcome all to What2seeonline.com

7th of October is indeed a very beautiful day for me and my family, and ultimately my food blog! We decided to take a giant leap by forming our own domain instead of relying on Blogspot anymore. Its not that Blogspot is not any good, it has served me well over the months; however I find that What2See needs more room for expansion, thus getting the new domain.

It has been a very exciting 24 hours for me, from re-editing all the widgets to dealing with the new Hosting company. Very very fortunately, I have had help from the legendary Ken Chan! He has helped me in more ways than one; transferring all the old post, building up the template, walking me through every step of the way… Ken, you rock! To Huat Koay of PTP , who helps in the debugging and guiding me on the know how of WordPress. Thank you very much to both of you 😀

Big shoutout too to my Hubby and Son for supporting me in this transition, couldn’t have done it without all you guys!


Do not be surprised when you are prompted with a Redirection question when trying to enter my old blog, http://tmytmz.blogspot.com . We are now being hosted on our own domain, www.what2seeonline.com

ps. I would really appreciate it if all other bloggers and readers could kindly change my URL to this new one. Thanks 😀

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