Kozue Japanese Restaurant @Gurney Plaza, Penang

*** Update:  Kozue has closed

My first post for the New (Niu) Year 2009! Finally settled back into routine after days of eating & celebrating…

I’m sure the majority of you had a dining experience in Gurney Plaza, Penang, no matter if it was Nandos, Manhattan Fish Market, Food Loft or something else. However, if you are craving for Japanese food of a different kind compared to Sakae Sushi or Sushi King, perhaps you can head over to Kozue Japanese Restaurant that sits on the 3rd floor of this shopping complex. This new outlet, which is situated just beside Kim Gary HK Cafe, opened in December last year and has a nice water feature at the entrance.

The colourful menu shows a lot of variety ranging from tempura to sushi and udon and has the descriptions of all the dishes. With just the two of us, hubby and myself went for a light meal.


Both of us had the refillable green tea. The first thing that caught my eye in the menu was the Sushi Sandwich – RM8. This is my first time eating Sushi Sandwich. It is shaped like any ordinary sandwich but instead of using bread, they uses sushi rice. Advocado and Mayonnaise is part of the ingredients. Pretty tasty but having some difficulty holding up the sandwich.



We tried out the hand-roll – Salmon Crepe Temaki RM5 and Unagi Nama Harumaki RM6. This cone shape hand-roll uses crepe sheet instead of the common seaweed sheet. They are best eaten with an added bit of soy sauce.



Kushi Yaki – This is the Hotate Bacon RM12. It is actually a whole piece of scallop wrapped in a piece of bacon. I like the taste of the hotate as it has the sweetness from the scallop and salty taste from the bacon. It is nicely grilled in a skewer. Recommended!



Cold Appetizer – Sanshoku Renkon Age RM16. This appetizer is a specialty dish of Kozue and it has pieces of red tuna, salmon and white tuna. The seared pieces of fish is roll up and laid on a piece of fried lotus root. The combination is good and is my favourite dish for the night.



Saba Salad Yaki RM15. The grilled fish is laid on a heap of pickles of cucumber, carrot, radish and yellow bell pepper. I particularly like the bell pepper as it was sweet and crisp crunch. This pickle is very flavourful eaten with the fish.


Besides the above dishes, there are plenty of other foods that can be savored. The two of us could not order so many other dishes, but I’m sure we are coming back for more in the future. Thanks to Pixen for introducing this place to me.


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Kozue Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Gurney
10250 Penang

Tel    04 2269336