CK Lam featured in Guang Ming “We Eat”

I am happy to see myself featured in the “We Eat” section in the Guang Ming Daily published on 29th March 2009. It was indeed an honour to see the full page article of the ‘yum cha” session in Aik Hoe, one of the oldest restaurants in Penang which is well known for its authentic dim sum.

The article featured four people with their opinions on different authentic food outlets in Penang. To find out more of the specialty dim sum at Aik Hoe Restaurant, do stay tune for my upcoming post.



I would like to express my thanks to Lee Choo, the feature writer from Guang Ming for inviting me to the yum cha session and also for her write up article. Click here for the online version.

Thank you very much to all of you for reading and supporting my food blog. If you are one of the new readers, please do not hesitate to join in and browse through my blog to find out more nice food outlets. Furthermore, comments and feedback is always welcomed.