Penang Restaurant – Teluk Kumbar Seafood

Dinner for the family during the weekend was deliciousness right from the sea in a seafood restaurant in Teluk Kumbar. The restaurant, Teluk Kumbar Seafood is located behind the closed down Yellow Bus Terminal on the left side of the road from Penang airport. I have always wanted to try the food at this place after seeing Little Inbox review some time back in January.


This restaurant with its quiet and pleasant location also has a good picturesque sunset view off Gertak Sanggul. The dinning area of the restaurant is extended right on the beach.  A stroll down the beach was very relaxing while waiting for the food.



Fishing boats in front of the restaurant.

We had a few seafood dishes and it started off with the four meat crab costing RM52. The crabs were served in two different ways. Two of it was baked (panggang) with the other two in sweet and sour sauce. I like the baked crabs as you can taste the burnt flavour and the sweetness of the crabs.



Baked crabs for a starter!


Succulent sweet and sour crabs.

Stingray Siam style – RM15. This fish was steamed with plenty of salted vegetable, ginger, chili and cabbage. The taste is truly marvelous.


Razor Clams – RM6. This stir fry dish comes in a slightly starchy sauce.


Deep fried Calamari – RM6. The flavourless squid rings goes in hand with the lightly crisp batter. The texture is just right, not too chewy.


The sauce of the sweet and sour crab goes well with either rice or bun (man tou). It’s just finger licking good in all ways.


We also had additional sticks of Satay from the stall beside the restaurant. The variation sold here is grilled with the sauce and served with cucumber at RM0.70 each. We top it up with Nutmeg, Soybean and Barley drinks.


We truly enjoyed the dinner. Get the telephone number to make a reservation at this seaside restaurant especially on the weekend and public holidays. Click here for the Map Location.

Teluk Kumbar Seafood
84, Mukim 9
Teluk Kumbar
11920 Penang

Tel : 04 6491403

Closed on Tuesday

Business Hour : 5.30pm – 10pm

GPS Coordinates : N05 17.193   E100 13.959