Beoy Chong Kee Restaurant, off Cintra Street Penang

Beoy Chong Kee Restaurant is an old eatery tucked behind the bustling Cintra Street. This restaurant is a great place for a hearty home cooked meal! It has been occupying the ground floor of the People’s Court for a number of decades, with a set up of just a couple of tables. Our family do enjoy eating at this place from time to time.

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One of our favorite dish that keeps us coming back for more is the specialty stir fried mixed beef parts (ngau chap).

All the ingredients were stir-fried with strips of ginger, spring onions and runny egg. The beef slices were tender and went well with the ginger. Beef lovers should try out this mouth-watering dish as it is rarely found in Penang.

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Fried Mushroom –  A good combination of different types of mushroom with mixed vegetables. They were delicious, stir-fried with lots of wok hei and with the tasty dark gravy sealed in it. Don’t be fooled by its appearance!

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The fried egg came served with Chinese lettuce. This simple egg dish complemented the rest of our flavorful dishes very well.

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Kong Pao Chicken stir-fried with dried chilies, onions and spring onions in a thick and concentrated black sauce. The flavorful pieces of chicken with the onions was extremely appetizing, which calls for additional bowl of rice!

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Hoong Siew Fish Head – The most basic ingredient for this dish is the deep fried fish head, which also includes taufoo, leek as well as mushroom. It has a good flavor combination and the fish was really fresh.

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We topped off the meal with the delicious Beef Hor Fun. The beef fried with Hor Fun was done with strong  heat from the wok.

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This restaurant has been around for many decades, with the quality and taste of the food still remaining top notch. A place for a simple home cooked meal where diners can opt for the seats inside the small quaint restaurant or the seats on the roadside for some open air.

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It is just two shops away from the famous traditional Chinese baker, Leong Chee Kee. Click here for the Map Location.

Beoy Chong Kee Restaurant
C-6, People’s Court
off Cintra Street

Tel : 04 2617672

GPS Coordinates : N05.41726   E100.33379

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