CK Lam writing for New Straits Times Newspaper

Recently I got the pleasure of writing for the New Straits Times newspaper. It was a privilege to contribute my articles which will be featured in the Life & Times section covering mostly on food. It gives me the chance of introducing and promoting mainly food from Penang (with other places in time to come) as well as covering interviews with chefs and restaurateurs. From time to time I will contribute to the Travel & Living section as well.

What’s the difference between writing for the newspaper and my own food blog? Well, I have to deliver the articles by the deadline and I really enjoy the writing experience. Furthermore, it gives me great joy to see my work in print!

I have written a few articles, all of which have now been published and there are more to come. Do grab a copy of the New Straits Times and check out my articles. Hope everyone enjoys reading it!

The NST, 10th April 2010

nst 9

The NST, 9th April 2010

nst 8

The NST, 5th April 2010

nst 7

The NST, 29th March 2010

nst 6

The NST, 27th March 2010

nst 5

The NST, 26th March 2010

nst 4

The NST, 20th March 2010

The NST, 12th March 2010

nst 2

The NST, 5th March 2010

nst 1 rev1

Although I am pretty much busy writing the articles, I will constantly write reviews for this food blog too. Do stay tuned to for more of the Best of Penang Food.

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