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By CK Lam

Conveniently located on the ground floor of Gurney Plaza shopping mall is Euro Deli Biergarten Penang. The restaurant, which opened in end of December 2011, is getting a lot of attention not only for its wide range of Swiss-German specialties but also its beer.

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The front part of the restaurant has a large bar. Diners can relax and kick back with friends in the indoor air-conditioned surroundings or at the outdoor alfresco tables which is a great place to people-watch. In the evening, many are seen having their wind-down drink at the outdoor area.

The drinks menu at Euro Deli has a wide range of beer, wine as well as juices. There are many interesting beers, and you will find Leffe, Hoegaarden, Erdinger and Franszikaner. Currently they are offering an all day long draft promotion.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza

The dishes at Euro Deli are just great, especially the pork dishes. Our meal started off with a plate of Spaetzle – German dumplings made from flour, eggs and milk. The dish is deceptively simple: small little pieces of boiled flour dumplings are fried with bacon bits, onions and pepper. These dumplings with fragrant bacon flavor made a great nibble.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Spaetzle


Affectionately known as “The Sausage King”, Euro Deli offers many varieties of mouthwatering sausages. I tried the Gemischter Wurst Teller (mixed sausage platter) which comes with four pieces of grilled sausages. Potato salad and sauerkraut complete the dish. Particularly tasty is the Nuerenburger sausage, and I enjoyed it with some vibrant German mustard.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Mixed sausage platter

 Gemischter Wurst Teller (mixed sausage platter) – RM40.90

The sausages and other products which have garnered a loyal following are found in most supermarkets and hypermarket chain stores all over the country.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Gemischter Wurst Teller


For some fine tasting ribs, do try the smoked pork ribs. The white colored ribs smoked with the right doneness highlights the pork’s flavour. Perfectly tender, the bones are soft to chew. The accompanied black vinegar brightened up the dish.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Smoked Pork Ribs


Euro Deli offers the unique Iberico in their menu and we had the Iberico pork steak served with mushroom sauce, vegetables and mashed potatoes (RM59). The tender gelatinous meat is nutty from the fallen acorns which the Spanish black-hoofed Iberico pigs feed on while roaming in the countryside.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Iberico Pork Steak


There is another dish based on the Iberico meat. The Iberico pork ribs marinated with secret seasonings for hours are beautifully done with tender and flavorful bite. The dish comes with fresh broccoli, tomatoes vegetables and mashed potatoes. The dish is enough for two.

Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Iberico Pork Ribs


Do look forward to try the Matterhorn – a burger with the size of a dinner plate. The enormous burger is made with a 1.5kg of pork patty, together with 11 slices of Swiss cheese, tomatoes, gherkins, bacon and lettuce. Euro Deli have organized many Matterhorn Challenges, and the recent one was at the launching of the Gurney Plaza Food Guide 2012/2013.

Matterhorn Burger 2aEuro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza - Matterhorn Burger

The size of the Matterhorn as shown in the KL outlet


The restaurant is open from 10am till 1am from Sundays to Thursdays and until 2am on weekends and eve of public holidays. There will be band performances from 9.30pm onwards daily.

Meat Galore at Euro Deli Biergarten Gurney Plaza by


Euro Deli Biergarten Penang
Unit 170 – G-37/37A Ground Floor
Plaza Gurney
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang

Tel: 04 2272771


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