Mun Choong cooking up freshwater prawns


A food trip over to Ipoh, Perak had us visiting Mun Choong Restaurant. This restaurant commonly known as Pusing Public Restaurant is a favorite of both tourists and locals.

This restaurant situated in Pasir Puteh offers variety of delicacies and one personal favorite is the udang galah (Har Lok in Cantonese). These freshwater prawns are cooked in many forms.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by

Starting with the steamed prawns, this dish of prawns was cooked with the head and shell intact, using ginger, egg white and some Chinese wine. The delightfully succulent prawns came with plenty of creamy roe.

We work our way with the prawns using our hands, enjoying the sweet flesh and licking the creamy roe off the prawn’s head.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by


The second prawn dish was prepared in traditional Cantonese style. The plate of pan-fried prawns (Kon Jin Har Lok) with tasty light soy sauce was served with incredible amount of fresh chives. The roes together with the firm flesh and soy sauce were perfect with white rice.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by


We had two other dishes to complement the meal. Nothing beats a plate of greens and meat.  The chicken pieces were steamed in a plate of flavorful sauce of coarsely grounded ginger. The vegetable dish of Kai Lan was simple done with pieces of garlic.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by


Our meal was complete with a sweet note of pudding. It came with three delightful flavors of pumpkin, dragonfruit and jackfruit.

Freshwater Prawns @ Mun Choong, Ipoh by


If you are visiting Ipoh, do not pass up the chance to sample these freshwater prawns, also popularly known as large head prawns. Prices of these crustaceans range from RM70 per kg to RM80 per kg depending on the market price.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Mun Choong Restaurant
No 511-517 Jalan Pasir Puteh
31650 Ipoh

Tel No : 05 3210320 & 05 3212815

* This is a reproduction of my article published in Makansutra