Penang Koay Teow Th’ng Hawker Stalls


Penang is bursting with hawker food stalls and one fare enjoyed by both the young and the old is the Koay Teow Th’ng. This dish, commonly known as KTT among Penangites is a bowl of noodle in delicious clear soup, with simple ingredients and condiments of light soy sauce and sliced green chilli padi.


Lum Lai Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng

A specialty at Cecil Street market hawker center is Lum Lai duck meat koay teow th’ng. The koay teow th’ng comes in a clear soup, with flavorful sweetness of duck and pork.

A standard bowl of koay teow th’ng here comes with slices of shredded pork meat, duck meat, fish cakes, fish balls and duck’s blood (in coagulated form). It is garnished with spring onions and served with condiments of freshly sliced chili in soy sauce. One can have this comforting noodle with a side order of duck drumstick. More info at:

Cecil Street Market Hawker Center
Business Hours: 7.30am till 7pm
Closed every alternate Wednesday



Clarke Street Koay Teow Th’ng Stall

One place in George Town that many would head for a bowl of koay teow th’ng is the stall located at Clarke Street, between Argyll Road and Hutton Lane. The stall, hidden in a small alley, has been around for more than 30 years. Now helmed by the second generation, the koay teow th’ng still comes in a hearty broth prepared by simmering old hens and a combination of ingredients.

The soup has a rich appealing chicken flavor. Customers can have the koay teow th’ng with a choice of koay teow, bee hoon or yellow mee. Besides the soup version, there is also the dried version, tossed with black sauce.

The bowl of koay teow  th’ng with chicken slices, congealed blood cakes (optional), and four types of balls is served drizzled with deep-fried garlic oil and garnished with spring onions. Among the four types of balls, the pork tendon ball is a favorite – delicious with gelatinous texture and ginger flavor. A side dish of poached chicken meat, liver and heart arranged on top of blanched bean sprouts makes a nice complement to the koay teow th’ng. Full article can be viewed at:

Lebuh Clarke
10050 George Town
Opening hours: 7am till 2pm, closed on Tuesday



Ah Soon Café

For those staying around Hillside in Tanjung Bungah Penang, one best place to have a hot bowl of koay teow th’ng is at Ah Soon Cafe. The koay teow th’ng comes with a choice of koay teow, bee hoon or yellow mee in a light chicken soup served with Chinese lettuce, meat slices, fishcake slices, two types of fish balls with bouncy texture and a drizzle of deep-fried garlic oil. Condiments of sliced red and green chili padi in light soy sauce are provided. Full article can be viewed at:

Jalan Sungei Kelian
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Contact: 012 455 0382
Opening hours: 11am till 7pm, closed on Tuesday



Ah Hai Koay Teow Th’ng

One of the outstanding stall along Kimberley Street is Ah Hai’s koay teow th’ng. The stall is situated nearby the busy intersection of Cintra and Kimberley Street. Slightly different from the common fish ball koay teow th’ng found in Penang, Ah Hai’s koay teow is freshly cooked with fish cakes, pork slices, liver, minced pork, fish balls and egg. Patrons can choose from yellow noodles, rice noodles, instant noodles or vermicelli.

More info of Ah Hai Koay Teow Th’ng can be viewed in the my street food article at:

Intersection of Cintra and Kimberley Street
10100 George Town
Opening hours: Open only at night


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* This is a reproduction of my article published in PGT (Penang Global Tourism)