The Manhattan Fish Market – Queensbay Mall Penang

Went to try out the Manhattan Fish Market in Queensbay Mall. As the name implies, they serve western style seafood. There was a queue. While waiting, we browse through the menu. There were so many choices to choose from – Fish & Chips, Mussels and Fried Calamari.

Undecided which dish to choose, we settle for the Seafood Platter as it has a mixture of seafood. The dish consist of deep fried fish fillet, calamari rings, mussels and prawns served with garlic rice and potato chips. I would prefer the chips be serve separately from the rice so that it won’t turn soggy. The garlic rice was very tasty.

All the seafood were fresh but I personally love the prawns that went very well with the sauce. My hubby like the reasonably big mussel.

We had two cups of hot tea to go along with the meal. The bill came up to RM54.54.