Ipoh – Biscuit Hunting @ Lam Fong

Recently I followed my hubby on a day trip to Ipoh. We had our meal and the famous white coffee at Nam Heong Coffeeshop in old town.
After the meal, we went around looking for Lam Fong Biscuit shop which was recommended by a friend. The shop sells many varieties of biscuits and the ones that I was looking for come in the shapes of animals. We  managed to locate the shop after going around the area several times.

Located at No.50, Yau Tat Shin Street/ Jalan Tawil Azar (directly opposite Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam), the shop opens from 4pm onwards till 12am at night….. (such an odd opening hours for a biscuit shop).

The shop sells many varieties of biscuits and these are the cute looking biscuits that I was looking for. Each cost RM2.



Bought some of them home and now wondering whether I should eat these cute looking biscuits or keep them…..