Penang Hawker Food – Kampung Malabar Bak Moey Bee Hoon

After shopping in Prangin Mall on a Sunday evening, we decided to have some hawker food in town. We went for some bak moi (pork porridge) at a roadside stall beside Ho Ping Coffee shop located in Penang Road/ Kampung Malabar junction. It operates from 5pm onwards.

You can choose from a varieties of pig innards – brain, kidney, intestines, liver and mince meatball as your ingredients. There are two types of vermicelli (bee hoon), the thick and the thin ones. Tang chai (dried preserved vegetable) are also added to the noodle for that extra taste.

No garlic oil and MSG is added. The food is always served to the customer steaming hot. Do go there earlier to avoid waiting as it can sometimes take up to an hour.
There is a very famous Lorbak stall in this coffee shop too. We usually go for the hae jie and the lorbak. Business starts from morning till night. There are also other stalls selling char koay teow, tai pan hor fun and mee goreng. Click here for the Map Location.

Ho Ping Coffee Shop
Penang Road/Jalan Kampung Malabar

Closed : Every Alternate Thursday