Swee Garden Restaurant – Nibong Tebal


We went to Swee Garden Restaurant for lunch, with the recommendation from our friend, Dr and Mrs Lim.  The restaurant frequented by many outstation diners is located behind Maybank in Nibong Tebal, Seberang Prai.


Its specialty dish is the Thai style deep-fried pork trotter. The skin is crunchy, yet the meat is very tender and the dish comes with some pickled onions and fresh cucumber. Indeed very delicious.

The restaurant also serves many varieties of seafood. We had the steamed fish, fried lala, Assam prawns and some vegetables.


Do try the umbra juice suan -boi (sour plum) that comes in a jug. Many coffee shops and restaurants in Penang is serving this fruit juice but this one is the best that we had tasted so far. The pure fruit juice is thick and not mixed with a lot of water.

The food is delicious, prices are reasonable but it was a bit uncomfortable as there are many flies flying around.