Penang Nyonya Food at Nyonya Cafe

We found a cosy cafe serving authentic Nyonya cuisine at Tanjung Tokong. Situated behind The Penang Chinese Swimming Club (next to Naza Hotel), the restaurant is known as “NYONYA CAFE”.
The place is fully air-conditioned and is nicely decorated with antiques. We spend some time taking photographs  of the surrounding while waiting for the dishes.
We had (from clockwise) the Black Vinegar Pork Trotter (tu-car chor), Nasi Ulam, Perut Ikan and Acar Fish (photo below). The Pork Trotter in Vinegar was a bit oily and had too much of the black soya sauce. Still the gravy was delicious.
The Nasi Ulam (rice dish) came with a variety of pungent fresh herbs. The herbs and rice were blended together with grated coconut and served cold.
The Ikan Perut was good, not very spicy but lemak cooked  with coconut milk (santan). Fish stomach was the main ingredient of this dish and we wish there was more of it.

The Acar Fish (fish pickle) was equally as good as the rest. The ginger and garlic was well seasoned.

The dessert of the day was very very delicious. It has a gravy of rich coconut milk, shaved ice and topped up with jackfruit.
All the dishes whetted our appetite.