Fishball Koay Teow Soup

Believe it or not – Eel Fishball??? That is what we found out in the Rasa-Rasa Penang book. It feature a Koay teow thng (koay teow soup) stall in Lebuh Pitt which sells fishball made from eel (mua hoo in Hokkien) meat. In order to kill our curiosity, we just have to try it.

It is the “lone ranger” stall in Heng Seng Coffeeshop at Pitt Street and Armenian Street junction.

A basic bowl of Koay teow thng comes with slices of duck meat, sliced mince meat and five balls. The fish ball is not as “bouncy” as those sold by most of the stalls and the smell is not that strong. The clear soup is a chicken and duck based soup. The sliced mince meat was tasty. Extra ingredients can be added on to your liking.

The chili padi that are served to the customers are ready mixed with garlic and soak in soya sauce. It enhance the taste of the soya sauce.

Updates : The stall has since moved to another shop further up the road in January 2009. Click here for the       new location.