Barbeque Steamboat Dinner at Seoul Garden, Penang

Fancy paying your own dinner and still have to cook yourself? That is what you have to do while having a barbeque steamboat buffet in Seoul Garden. This was our third visit to this outlet at Gurney Plaza.

There are a few choices of soup for the mini steamboat and a wide selection of meat, seafood and vegetables to choose from.

This is our first round of mini steamboat and hot plate. This outlet uses cooking oil for the grilling/frying unlike others that uses butter. We find this healthier. The good thing is that they allow their customers to change their pan after it get burned.

Not forgetting the sweets corner. Ice-kacang with toppings of red bean, jagung, cendol, peach fruit slices, sea coconut and colourful jellies. There are also choices of ice-cream besides fresh fruits.
Besides the above varities, they also served snack food – pizza, fried chicken wings and satay. The cost of the barbeque varies during weekdays and weekends. Students and UOB credit card holders are also entitle to a discount. Three of us have some good fun cooking and eating. We left happily with a full stomach.