Dessert – HK Tang Yuen


We came to know of a hawker stall selling gultinuous rice ball (tang yuen) in Jalan Perak, Penang. It is not difficult finding the stall as it is located along the busy main road.

The tang yuen are freshly roll and form on the spot, then cooked and served in many varieties of tong sui – soya bean milk, ginger and red bean tong sui.


Hubby had the red bean soup that comes with two big tang yuen, two small ones and a piece of ginkgo nut. The big green tang yuen has black sesame seed filling, the big white one with peanut filling whereas the smaller ones do not have any filling.


My bowl of soya bean milk is thick and creamy. It comes with exactly the same ingredients like the one hubby had. The tang yuen is chewy and soft … it is just like eating marshmallow. This stall is based at Aik Hwa Cafe, directly opposite Jalan Perak market. Business hours are from 7pm onwards and closing day is on Monday.

Updates :
This stall has already shifted to Osmanthus’s Hong Kong Desserts Ramen Congee House (杜记香港甜品粥面之家), located on New Lane  (off Macalister Road), near Sunway Hotel.